The other side of the barrier

“You did it! You ran a marathon!”

This past Sunday I had some fun witnessing a ton of my friends accomplish big things at the Cleveland Marathon…from the other side of the race barriers.

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Gathering miles; placing purpose

I ran my first full marathon this weekend. I ran the Akron Full Marathon and I ran it for something bigger than myself.

I woke up on September 24 at 4:27 a.m. img_0116without an alarm. In roughly 2.5 hours I would be toeing the blue line.

I remember thinking, “Did I remember my running shoes?”

I had some weird race dreams in the days leading up to the marathon including losing my feet on the course, forgetting to run the full and only running the half, and having to run barefoot because my race shoes were in Cleveland.

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Celebrate you more, mourn you less

When I thought about what to write this week, I came up with quite a few topics:

  • Running in the heat (which I will get to – but probably next week)
  • Breath tips for running (again, I’ll touch on this another time)
  • Our families first year celebrating John’s life and birthday without him at the table
  • Sophie completing The Gathering Place’s Animal Camp

However, during my long run today I got to thinking about the last two on that list.

(It wasn’t as hot out as last week so the first was only slightly out of my mind).

What would’ve been John’s 76th birthday has come and gone.

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Namaste Consistent

b a l l o o n

FullSizeRender (8).jpgI had such an amazing weekend in Columbus at Yoga on High studying with Kino MacGregor. The energy all weekend was positive and filled with self-love and self-study.

If you aren’t familiar with Kino or the ashtanga practice, I definitely suggest delving into her video’s and readings to learn more about her and the practice of Ashtanga.

Among so many lessons, one that struck close to home was remaining consistent to one discipline. Many times, we want to take on so many new things. We have this “all or nothing” or “everything, all at once” mentality and it doesn’t have to be so.

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A New Way to Give

b a l l o o n.png

Another week of training in the books. It’s heating up in Cleveland (literally and figuratively). Temps are looking to hit the 90s this week and we have the RNC coming to town the week after. Luckily I will get to work from home that week so no crazy traffic to interfere with my runs or time with Oscar.

Giving to The Gathering Place and to Yourself

I mentioned previously that I had some exciting news to share and this week, I get to share with you!

I’ve been working with HealthSource of Avon on another way to help The Gathering Place and this time, you get a little bang for your buck too (or so to speak).

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Happy Father’s Day to the unlikely duo

From the “God damn’s” to the “DPT’s”

I certainly will be the first to admit that I didn’t not by any stretch of the imagination have a typical 2 parent upbringing.

Instead, I was lucky enough to be raised by my mother and by my two fathers; Dave and John.

My dad and John were almost nothing alike. Aside from having been blue collar workers, the duo were almost completely opposite. Despite this, the three parents made a dynamic team who all have had an imprint on my personhood.

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