Happy Father’s Day to the unlikely duo

From the “God damn’s” to the “DPT’s”

I certainly will be the first to admit that I didn’t not by any stretch of the imagination have a typical 2 parent upbringing.

Instead, I was lucky enough to be raised by my mother and by my two fathers; Dave and John.

My dad and John were almost nothing alike. Aside from having been blue collar workers, the duo were almost completely opposite. Despite this, the three parents made a dynamic team who all have had an imprint on my personhood.

My dad, Dave Thomas (or DPT as he likes to say) has a larger than life personality. He speaks his mind, has thoughts on almost everything, loves Superman and Muhammud Ali more than your typical fan and knows Cleveland like the back of his hand.

My John was more the quiet type. Only giving his two cents when one on one and otherwise having one liners here or there (that were almost always zingers). He was from Pittsburgh and would wear a Steelers cap all over Cleveland, not giving a god damn what any Browns fan had to say.

All hands on deck

Regardless of their differences, both of my dads stepped in to ensure I always had what I needed. I won’t lie, they may not have necessarily liked one another, but they worked together.

As you can see in the photo above, both attended my first communion. It was never an, “Oh if he is going to be there, then I won’t be.” This was the case for all of my life milestones.

Basketball games, track meets, volleyball matches, graduation, sending me off to college. Both of my dads were there for all of it.

A father is a father, all steps aside. So I want to say thank you to the dad I had from the beginning and thank you to the dad that took us on not as our mother’s “baggage” but as his own children.

Thank you to my dad and to my John. For all the memories I got and get to share with both of you.

Giving back on Father’s Day

My dad asks frequently how my campaign is going and supports my training for a marathon I am running for his former teammates.

He understands how close this campaign is to my heart and is always sure to check in (and of course offer his two cents on my training).

In honor of Father’s Day, I hope you will consider giving to The Gathering Place to honor the dad that watches over me from afar.

Training Recap:

This week’s running recap.

As I mentioned before, I took two lighter weeks to scale down and rest my legs. This was week 2/2. Next week, the mileage goes back up. Feet don’t fail me now.

Happy Mother'sDay! (1).png


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