Running with CLE

A championship in Cleveland…say what?

That’s right! Last Sunday the Cleveland Cavaliers brought home a championship to our hometown. 52 years in the making.

I grew up hearing of the “mistake on the lake.”

The drive, the fumble, the shot, the move, the decision – all epic Cleveland sports let downs.

Now…The Comeback. The Return!

Photo courtesy of Cleveland Cavs

It was such an amazing experience being downtown with 1.3 million Clevelanders.

We were so excited to be a part of history that we walked – yes walked – from my apartment in Lakewood all the way to downtown Cleveland. The RTA was delayed 4 hours and we didn’t want to risk any traffic so we made the hike and we got there by 9:30 to wait for the celebration.

6-23-2016 10-49-18 AM.png

That being said, I did not get my scheduled 8 running miles in on Wednesday. However, given the hike and time on my feet, I would say it counts for this girl’s marathon training plan.

Running in CLE


Being downtown with millions of people made for great energy. Many times, I take my lunch hour to run downtown. From 22nd I run north, turn west on Carnegie passing both the Jake and the Gund and turn down Ontario to Euclid down to 6th and on to the E. 9th Pier before looping back to work.

The route of the parade had a similar turn by turn. Being on those same stomping grounds, only this time with a bunch of other people who love this city, was a moment in history I am glad to be a part of.

Cleveland is the reason I am keeping my fundraising local. We have a highly under rated city with so many great resources. I 100% support large nonprofits and the missions and people they help. However, if you started in Cleveland, you know what it’s like to work your butt off. I’m a local who supports local ❤ 

Rocking out with Rock Tape

Moving on from the exciting news in Cleveland, I’ve also had some exciting opportunities recently including a recent meeting with HealthSource of Avon.

I’m working with HealthSource to promote healthy living and utilizing tools to become a better runner myself.

This week I tried out their rock tape:

I’ve mentioned having some pain in my hips while running and/or post running. What was cool about HealthSource is they measured my arches and determined that my left arch was receiving more impact when my foot strikes.


Dr. Annie taped up my left foot for me and I kept the tape on for one day (although it can last longer depending on your activity level).

Of the one run I did with the tape, I had zero/ziltch hip pain and felt 100% throughout the run. I’m looking forward to trying it out more long term but my initial review is this: it rocks!

I want to also state that I am in no way being paid by any company to say that (I know sometimes people do that sort of thing and I want to set the record straight that I tried this of my own accord and wouldn’t hype you up on something I didn’t give a good ole college try).

Rocktape is a lighter, stretchy cloth material and the key to it’s benefits is in application, particularly in the stretching of the product. I had my tape applied by Dr. Annie in house at HealthSource of Avon. With correct application, the tape, for lack of a better terminology, “teaches” the muscles how they should be, especially if you’ve had an injury in the past.

While I definitely noticed it on my foot at first, within a few hours, it was lightweight and I didn’t notice it at all. I went home and slept with it on knowing that I had a run the next morning.

On Tuesday morning I woke up, laced up and started my planned 5 miles. I thought maybe I would feel some sort of discomfort with the tape but surprisingly I didn’t notice it.

What I did notice was that the hip pain I had had previously in the first early miles of my runs wasn’t there and that the run felt just, comfortable.

I made sure to also focus on my breathing and running form so I know that also helped in the process but honestly, the differences in my arches wasn’t something I had thought about when I considered my hip pain.

I definitely want to try the tape again but also encourage you to give it a try to see what areas you might need taped (you can tape pretty much anything) and see how you feel. Doesn’t hurt to try it.

That being said, as with anything else, I wouldn’t try anything new on a race day. I gave it a try during one of my shorter runs and far enough out from my race day to ensure it is something my body reacts positively too.

Keep that in mind with any alterations you make in your training: attire, nutrition. etc.

Has anyone else tried it? What are your thoughts?

Running Recap

Happy Mother'sDay! (1).png

Hope you have a healthy and happy week ahead.shutterstock_340157987

Don’t forget, if you’d like to help Saved By The Sole fundraising for The Gathering Place, give today!


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