What do you eat/drink on your long run?


Hello and happy Sundae!!!

It’s summer so ice cream almost every day is a staple for me (although I’ve likely gone more days this year having had ice cream than days without it, summer aside).

Never the less…let’s talk running fuel.

I get this question a lot: what do you eat/drink when running for hours? Or, even funnier, “Don’t you get hungry?”

The short answer to the hunger question is that I personally don’t. I really don’t feel hunger until after finishing a race. My body needs fuel to keep going but no cravings really hit throughout longer runs.

The liquid portion of this is simple: I drink water.

A lot of runners will bring water and/or some type of energy drink to restore electrolytes during those longer miles. However, my stomach and taste buds haven’t found an energy drink we agree with. Therefore, until this point, I have been training with just water.

Everyone is different. I’ve heard of runners who drink maple syrup right after their runs. For me, that might make me yak so I steer clear of that.

Know thyself

I’ve found that with running, and fitness in general, you really have to do some trial and error.

It’s been AH-mazing to me how much I’ve gotten to know my mind and body through fitness. Not just that I can train to not stop after one mile and head home for some peanut butter, but also how my body reacts to various foods and drinks when I’m trying to use it.


Before I lace up

I know that eating two ego waffles with peanut butter may seem silly to a lot of people, but that is exactly what I eat before my long runs and you know what? I feel healthy and strong throughout.

Laces Tied

During a run, I take an energy gel (specifically Boom Nutrition Raspberry) around mile 6 and every 4 or 5 miles after that. The timing of the gel works for me. Some people take 2 an hour and others none – they’ve found their own stride with fueling during runs.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

I carry my water and my gels in my Nathan Handheld running water bottle. I use to hate carrying anything with me, but I got used to it and adjusted – fueling takes priority.

One thing I will suggest for EVERYONE is to drink water. As I mentioned before in my post about the 2015 Cleveland Marathon, not drinking water is a sure fire way for your body to backlash on you; ergo medical tent.

Loose Laces

When running, obviously make sure your laces are tight. But when it comes to your running “ritual” give yourself some wiggle room.

Not everything will always go according to plan on race day so be sure you don’t rely too heavily on your “go-to’s” in case you need to adapt.

What do you fuel with on your runs?


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