A New Way to Give

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Another week of training in the books. It’s heating up in Cleveland (literally and figuratively). Temps are looking to hit the 90s this week and we have the RNC coming to town the week after. Luckily I will get to work from home that week so no crazy traffic to interfere with my runs or time with Oscar.

Giving to The Gathering Place and to Yourself

I mentioned previously that I had some exciting news to share and this week, I get to share with you!

I’ve been working with HealthSource of Avon on another way to help The Gathering Place and this time, you get a little bang for your buck too (or so to speak).

A little background for you in case you may be unfamiliar with the local health center:

What’s HealthSource?

HealthSource is a chiropractic team that aims to help people live pain-free. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I mentioned before that I had a consult with them regarding RockTape and the benefits associated with it. Everything was explained to me on a level I could

1. understand and

2. recognize how it could help my running (i.e. remain injury free).

Aside from helping runners remain injury free, HealthSource has a variety of other offerings that, while I have not yet tried, all aid in making your health a priority.

After chatting back and forth, HealthSource offered to help me with Saved By The Sole and give to the Gathering Place. By using the below vouchers, and paying the monetary value on the card, HealthSoure will the donate the monetary value back to The Gathering Place.

The Options

There are two vouchers available: one for athletes and one for a general visit/consult.

For Athletes:

This voucher, which you can print off and take with you to the wellness center, can be used for one RockTape Session and a 10 minute RockBlade Session. View more information on RockTape.
for athletes.png

For a visit:

The voucher can be redeemed at HealthSource for a first-time consult, X-rays, and exam and a 10-minute massage (which, who doesn’t enjoy a great massage?).

So if you feel like you’re always tired or have constant knee, neck and joint pain, soreness, headaches or whatever health concern specific to you, you can take in this voucher and get some insight as to the source of those challenges.

1st visits.png

The vouchers are available through August 12, 2016. If you were considering giving to The Gathering Place, consider using a voucher to give a little back to yourself in return.

Run Recap

Happy Mother'sDay! (2).png

It was very hot this week and my training definitely felt the brunt of it. I was much slower during those 13 miles on Saturday than I was during my 18-miler a few weeks back. Check back this week for what I learned about myself from running in the heat.

If you have tips for training in the heat, please do share. My internal heat temps will thank you! 



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