Namaste Consistent

b a l l o o n

FullSizeRender (8).jpgI had such an amazing weekend in Columbus at Yoga on High studying with Kino MacGregor. The energy all weekend was positive and filled with self-love and self-study.

If you aren’t familiar with Kino or the ashtanga practice, I definitely suggest delving into her video’s and readings to learn more about her and the practice of Ashtanga.

Among so many lessons, one that struck close to home was remaining consistent to one discipline. Many times, we want to take on so many new things. We have this “all or nothing” or “everything, all at once” mentality and it doesn’t have to be so.

Everything, all at once

I want to run a marathon. Check: I signed up for a marathon.

I want to be a yoga instructor. Check: signed up for yoga teacher training.

want to weight lift. Check: build in isolative muscle movements every week. 

However, all of these things I “want” to do are asking different things of my body. If I try to fully commit to all of them, my body will take a rest day itself by either resulting in an injury or not performing exactly how I want it to.

I’m slower.

I’m not as strong that day.

I can’t run as far.

I can’t stretch as deep.

I need to focus on one goal right now: running the Akron Marathon in September.

I can still do yoga and cross training, but I certainly shouldn’t be doing everything, every day, with no regard to the rest my body needs. This has helped me shift my focus from “Now I must practice yoga 90 minutes a day and then run 18 miles” to “I will practice yoga to assist in my running.” At least until September and then I can shift my focus.

Stretching my friendships further

In addition to realizing that my body needs rest and consistent practice in one discipline, I also got to meet some fantastic new people and connect with them on social. Yoga has opened up such a supportive community to me and I am so so thankful. Thank you to everyone I met and shared the practice with this weekend. I hope to see you all at other workshops in the future. Namaste.

All roads lead to the blue line


Switching gears back to the discipline I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to, as of today, there are exactly 67 days until I use my feet to cross the blue line in Akron.

Just over two months and honestly, I have new fears and doubts that pop in my head every day that question my ability to run the full 26.2. I put the training in each week, but you know that little voice inside your head that says “You can’t do this. Just eat waffles.” Well, it pops up more often than not and as the days roll closer to Akron, I will have to get my mind in check. My body can be as ready as ever, but my mind has to pull it together.

Any tips on how to overcome the mind game? Send them my way!

Run Recap

I missed an 8 miler on Saturday while down in Columbus due to workshop schedules but I did squeeze in three on the dreadmill at the hotel. Otherwise, training went as planning…still hot on those long runs but I’ve gotten better at planning out water stops and refueling.

Happy Mother'sDay! (9).jpg

One last note: I had a fun little shopping spree with my fellow HealthSource of Avon Athlete Ambassadors on Thursday night at Lululemon! We got to pick out outfits to be embroidered with the HS logo as we take on some Cleveland runs and work with Dr. Natalie on an individualized care plan to keep us free from injury (knock on wood). Look out for more details on that this week!


Happy running!


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