Not Running Sucks

hey y’all!

IMG_1021.PNGAfter a very long hiatus from blogging, I’m back (or going to try to be). Not fundraising for anything (just yet) but want to keep adding to the conversation about health, wellness, yoga, running, strength training, peanut butter and the occasional picture of my dog. So here it goes; something short and simple to start me off…

10 things I learned from NOT running for 10 days:

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not practice what I preach. I’m a big advocate of self-care and tell friends to be kind to their bodies, rest, love yourself…la la la.

Honestly, when I say these things, I am being super genuine about it. You should take care of yourself, listen to your body and give it what it needs…if that does mean you need to rest.

It’s not that I am unkind to mine, I just really really enjoy being active. My saving grace from injury has definitely been yoga and keeping a regular wellness plan with my chiropractor (I see you HealthSource of Avon).

However, recently I had to take 10 full days off from anything that would make me sweat. Why? Well, truthfully I got my eyebrows microbladed because it was a source of insecurity along with a bunch of other reasons but let’s stay on track.

The gist of all of this: it forced me to take a rest. What did I learn?

  1. I really really like running. I would see other people running and feel all sorts of upset about it. You know that feeling you get when someone has a more appetizing lunch than you – well that is how I feel when I cannot run and I see a runner. Absense made the heart grow fonder and made my first run back even better.
  2. I felt sluggish, tight and a little sloppy. I think I felt more sore during the 10 days off than after a 15 miler or my Ashtanga practice. Maybe it was my bodies way of healing/resting but it was still way bizarre to me.2017-02-09_9-30-22.png
  3. I bought new shoes! Because why not spend $120 on a pair of shoes you can’t use for ten days! I had been an avid avid avid (did I say avid) asics runner. However, the folks at Fleet Feet hooked me up and I’m not sporting some Nike Pegasus. Now that I’m back into running, they fit like a glove.
  4. I didn’t go crazy. I really thought I would go insane and be crabby and lash out. I realize this seems ridiculous but when you take an hour to run almost every day and that is removed, you loose your decompress time. However, I occupied my time in other ways (read on).
  5. I love yoga. Yes, I already new this but taking ten days off actually made me reevaluate my next training plan. I am thinking I will run 4 days a week and start to deep my Ashtanga practice 4 days a week. Yoga helped calm me and it has been so influential in preventing injuries (knock on wood). This might me scaling back strength training but the 10 days off made me a bit more ok with that).
  6. downloadI can cook! Well, not really. However, I did cook more because I had more time which allowed me to focus on my nutrition and eat whole, nutritious foods. I received Run Fast, Eat Slow for Christmas – highly recommend! We even got a vitamix so we are making smoothies out of everything. Left over butternut squash? Throw it in.
  7. I got faster. When I came back from the 10 days off I did have to head to the dreadmill. BUT running at an 8 minute pace on the treadmill for 8 miles is HUGE! I’m vastly slower on the treadmill which I realize can be psychological, however, it is also discouraging when I can hit sub 8 on the pavement. So to come back from the 10 days off stronger was huge confidence boost.
  8. Walking isn’t so bad. So I may not have been running, but I walked a lot more. I’m sure Oscar was very annoyed by this, however, I love getting my fitbit steps so he came along for them. I get bored on walks. Why walk when you can run? But we had some awesome weather in Cleveland in January so I walked outside and just enjoyed it. Heck, Runners World has a whole section dedicated to walking so there must be something to it.
  9. I got a lot more done. I work full time, teach yoga and free lance 2 jobs. Needless to say, fitting in 20+ miles a week + my own yoga practice can be a bit tight. I don’t mind it. However, being able to concentrate on the tasks at hand – especially during a particularly busy time of year was refreshing.
  10. I will do it again. More yoga. More productivity. More nutrition. Coming back faster. All of this leads me to believe have planned rest periods – not just rest days – will make me a better runner. It won’t be every month – but it will happen again.




6 thoughts on “Not Running Sucks

  1. Love this! I can really relate – I recently took 14 days off because of a surgery I had… and I experienced all of this! And the shoe one, especially – I was a Brooks and Sucony gal and thought Nike shoes were just for “looks” – notw I’m a convert! Currently running in the Pegasus and the Vomero. So glad they come in narrow widths… they just fit my foot as if they’re tailor made. The break is a great reminder of all the OTHER things we can do for our bodies besides running (the thing we love most). I’ve really been working on the cooking thing and trying to eat more veggies. Keep up the great work and inspiring others!

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    1. Sorry to hear about your surgery but glad the silver lining mirrors what I learned in taking the time off as well. So far I love the nike pegasus. I really had the understanding that Nike was more for cross training but you are right – they fit like a glove and are holding up to the miles!

      I definitely recommend the run fast, eat slow book! There is a section in their called “Pantry” and it basically gives you an outline of what to shop for in the stores to have as staples and makes my grocery experience way better!

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      1. Oh, wow! That is awesome. Thank you for the recommendation. That sounds perfect! That’s always my biggest problem is that I don’t know what to get when I go shopping. I’m going to have to get that book. Thanks for the kind words and happy running!


  2. It’s amazing what some time off can do! I find I always come back with more motivation than ever, and a new perspective on how to achieve my goals. Yoga is something I enjoy but can’t seem to stick to a routine – I always prefer the workouts that make me sweat. I hope to someday follow a consistent yoga routine… it just helps in so many ways!

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