The other side of the barrier

“You did it! You ran a marathon!”

This past Sunday I had some fun witnessing a ton of my friends accomplish big things at the Cleveland Marathon…from the other side of the race barriers.

When you spend most of your time participating in races, the idea of having to “just watch” seemed completely ridiculous to a girl who has a hard time standing around.

Going into Sunday, I tried to be a good sport about not running. I’ll admit though, not doing something you love with people you love is hard. Imagine having a big ole cake in front of you and all your friends get to have a slice but you. Tough right? Like all you would be thinking about is grabbing a piece yourself.

What made it easier? A few things.

  1. This was Ryan’s first full and my excitement for him was unparalleled. Finishing a full marathon isn’t something that can be put into words, you have to experience it and I was excited that in just a few hours, he would.
  2. My friends. From run groups to my HealthSource of Avon athlete ambassadors, I felt like I was a part of the excitement throughout the course. Throwing out high fives to fellow ambassadors, snapping photos and cheering them on made me feel so full (even if I didn’t have any of the cake myself).
  3. I got to bike 20 some miles! I thought spectating would mean I would stand in place for hours and drive me absolutely nuts. I was able to rent a bike from the UH Bike share and follow all my friends around the city we love. I saw friends, I cheered on strangers and I gave out orange slices. May not have been cake, but gave me a little taste of the fun.

If I had to use one word to describe every person who crossed the finish line on Sunday, I would say they were “runderful.” Nothing short of a wonderful group run, together, in our city.

Thank you.

Thank you to all my friends who ran and inspired me as I watched from the other side.

  • Ryan, for gritting his teeth and accomplishing something I knew he was 100% capable of. and for eating doughnut cake with me after. You are my favorite running buddy, even when you don’t like it. I am so proud of you.
  • Natalie, for organizing runners around the city and bringing us tog18620032_10213084218324238_9144031673323615943_nether to be a couple of misfits.
  • LoLo for making me laugh and letting me join you on the course (and maybe be slightly inappropriate.
  • Will for staying positive and smiling, even at 30K when rain was constant.
  • Sarah, who took 3rd overall female, you make me want to be a better runner.
  • Leah, who is always up to chat about running, training and race crazies with me. (and who also continues to help those impacted by cancer – check her fundraising out)! 
  • Pete and Maria, for being my work workout buddies.
  • and all of the Healthsource ambassadors for being just as awkward with me.

I can’t say spectating will be something I take up regularly (I am looking forward to my own piece of the cake soon), but on Sunday, I enjoyed supporting all who continue to support me. #runsquad.




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