“You damn gypsie’s”


Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in PurpleStride. I wasn’t timed. I didn’t run. I dropped my competitive nature at the gate.

Instead, I joined my family on a walk through The Cleveland Metroparks zoo. We laughed, talked about John and all of the “god damn’s” we heard him say, and most of all, we showed that we love each other just by being there. By walking together and making sure Sophie had a good time – which is all John ever wanted.

Pancreatic cancer has recently surpassed breast cancer as a leading cancer-related cause of death; moving it from the fourth to the third in the U.S.

Every 13 minutes, someone will loose their life to pancreatic cancer. Only 8% of those diagnosed will live past 5 years.

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I Can’t, I Gotta Run…

Running/Life Balance

A lot of people have a hard time finding that whole “work/life” balance thing. My job is extremely flexible with time for flex hours and support towards a healthy balance of those. The challenge I face is finding a healthy balance between running/training and life. In May alone, cross-training not included, I completed 135 miles.


Completing the mileage is made possible by those around me who support my training. This blog is for them.

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17 Sunday Miles

If it were easy, everyone would do it.


Thought of the day: Fuel your body so it can do awesome things.

I am always comparing how much I eat to other people. Ryan and I have a running joke that we eat way more than the average human.

For breakfast once, a friend of his had one single ego waffle. One. We were blown away.

However, I also forget to calculate in what I ask my body to do on a daily basis. I’m not fueling my body to be idle. I’m fueling my body to do 100 Burpees, to complete high intensity workouts and to run distances that will help me cross the finish line in Akron.

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Running for Mom (and the strong women she raised)

“i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)”

-My mother has a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.-

I’m a day late with this week’s post and truthfully, it has everything to do with being dead tired after my 14-miler yesterday. Despite my exhaustion at the end of the day, yesterday renewed in me a feeling or purpose for why I am running.

26.2 miles to dedicate to a mother who dealt with my craziness for 22 years. I like to think she enjoyed each and every gray hair my siblings and I gave her during her time with us.

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